Mr Black started with a simple mission – to take craft coffee into the night. We all care about the quality of our morning brew, so why should it be any different when it comes to evening cocktails?.

Our commitment to this mission, using the best specialty-grade coffee and roasting in house, has seen Mr Black make it's way into the World's 50 Best Bars.

Here are a few of our favourite places on the list to enjoy a drink.

TWO SCHMUCKS, BARCELONA, #11 splash image

It's a 'five star dive bar'. This narrow neighbourhood bar serves cutting edge cocktails with a side of casual irreverence (and often delicious cheese too)

Come for a casual drink – we recommend the house pour Espresso Martini which of course has Mr Black – and you might just end the night dancing on the table.

ATLAS, SINGAPORE, #16 splash image

There is a certain grandeur to Atlas that has to be experienced to be fully understood. If there was ever a bar to enjoy a martini, this classy art-deco inspired is the one. And they have a towering range of 1,300+ gins to choose from.

Of course we recommend your gin martini is followed by an Espresso Martini. Here they make it with cream for a little extra decadence.

DRINK KONG, ROME, #19 splash image

Taking aesthetic inspiration from Japanese anime and science fiction, Drink Kong brings a menu that breaks flavour traditions with cocktails that fit the sci-fi setting.

If you want to experience Mr Black in a new, unexpected way, this is the place.

MAYBE SAMMY, SYDNEY, #22 splash image

Self-described as a 'hotel bar without the hotel', Maybe Sammy takes the charm of Rat Pack era bars, filled with jazz and first class hospitality, and combines it with contemporary cocktails and a team of high-energy bartenders.

Flicking through the menu, you'll find a whole page dedicated to coffee cocktails. From a classic Irish Coffee to a Mango Coffee Margarita, Mr Black is naturally a key feature.

DANTE, NYC, #30 splash image

The sweetheart of Greenwich Village, Dante has been around since 1915 and whilst it's changed hands a few times, it's latest iteration stays true to the Italian roots of the establishment whilst injecting the finest contemporary cocktails into the menu.

You can enjoy the perfect Espresso Martini here (with Mr Black, of course) but that's not all. Dante boasts a list of modern negroni interpretations, including a delicious coffee libation.

RE, SYDNEY, #46 splash image

It's no surprise Re made the 50 Best list in its debut year. At Re, all efforts have been focused towards sustainability. The bar top is made from used milk bottle caps, the booth seating is pineapple leather and the drinks? All focused on low waste, seasonal produce, and experimental flavours.

No regular coffee liqueur was going to cut it here. So our distillery team worked out how to make a new version of Mr Black by re-pressing the grounds from our cold brew. Good to the last drop, as they say.

SWIFT, LONDON, #57 splash image

Swift combines the best of two worlds – elegant crafted drinks, served swiftly.

If you're in London, this is the spot to go for a 10/10 Espresso Martini.