International Women’s Day

This week we are raising a glass to all the women in the industry out there making delicious drinks.

Our UK Brand Ambassador Adam Blanchot caught up with the three awesome ladies behind London’s newest women’s bartender collective ThreeAfter3 to chat all things IWD, working in the industry and their favourite coffee cocktails.



Alexa | @alexamakemeadrink

Renowned in the London coffee and cocktail community. Currently at the helm of Michelin guide restaurant Silver Lining.

Favourite serve – Cigarettes & Coffee (featured here )

Favourite serve – Cigarettes & Coffee (featured here)

Lexa | @alexansraulijaszek

Competition winning bartender who has worked all around the world. Currently found shaking up a storm at Callooh Callay.

Favourite serve – Revolver w. Mr Black Amaro

Tatjana | @tatjana1313

Competition winning bartender including Belvedere Grain to Glass in 2019. Currently found at FAM Bar.

Favourite serve – Coffee Negroni w. Mr Black Amaro

How did it start?

“During a semi-final cocktail competition, we got quite excited about there being more than one woman involved, so much so, we made another cocktail on the fly with an ingredient from each of our winning cocktail and entered it under our new bar ThreeAfter3.”


“To provide a space that gives visibility to women who are already doing amazing things in the industry, but also to showcase the under-represented groups and help them rise through exposure and mentoring. We want to build a platform to help women meet other women in the industry – to help overcome common challenges that as women we all face.”

What does IWD mean to you?

“It’s a day to raise awareness of the hardworking women in all industries, and we are also celebrating how far we have come!”

Look out for ThreeAfter3 making serious waves in London and beyond.


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